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Burn-Up W stands for Burn Up Warrior. This anime is about terrorists trying to sell their virtual drug that brainwashes people. Team Warrior takes on these terrorists to save Neo Tokyo!!!

Rio is kind of like the hero of Burn-Up W. She is poor and even tries to sell her underwear to get money. Her friend Chisato dies in the third episode and she avenges her death.

Maya loves to shoot people!!! She would even kill a fellow policeman. On her days off she stays on the roofs of buildings shooting criminals. She is my favorite one!!! She is so cool!!!

Lilica is a computer wizard. She can hack into other people's databases. She can also put a virus in other's people's computer. If you have seen Burn-Up W if you watched the third episode you would notice that Lilica is rich!!!

Nanvel is a mechanical genius. She has this robot named
El-Heggunite. She also made Maya's anti-tank rifle and Rio's armoured knuckle buster. I think she is a lesbian......the way she keeps on bugging Maki.....

Maki is the leader of Team Warrior. She is kind of serious but cool. I wonder why Nanvel is so attached to her.....She is my second favorite character.

Yuji is kind of like Rio's boyfriend. He keeps on trying to get with her. He taped the scene when Rio bungeed out of the helicopter naked. He also dates virtual idols.

Cheif is the bad guy in this series. She is responsible for terrorist act at Hotel Kingdom, the kidnapping of Maria and the take over at Policetown.