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Dirty Pair Flash is about two girls named Kei and Yuri and they are apart of the WWWA. These two girls get into alot of trouble. They have to arrest this assassin named Lady Flair, protect this computer specialist from assassination, and do other crazy missions. Together they are the Lovely Angels!

Kei is a tomboy. Sometimes people mistake her for being a man. She really likes shooting things with her blaster. She sometimes argues with Yuri 24/7. In Mission 1 she argues with Yuri non-stop. In Mission 2 and 3 she hardly argues with her. This shows your enemies can be your best friends. I prefer her to Yuri!!!! I hate Yuri!!


Yuri is more of the girlish type. She goes on alot of dates. She also skips out on work just to go on one!!! She uses this cool sword!!! She also thinks everyone is jealous of her becasue she thinks she is beautiful. Well....two people thought she was beautiful..... These people were Leena from Mission 2 and Julian from Mission 3.



They are the Lovely Angels!!!